This week, I went to the Vistage All City Event in Orange County. What an amazing experience. Imagine 900 high-level, high-energy CEOs all assemble in one huge auditorium to expand their minds.

This year, the topic was innovation. When I first saw this, I thought, “Oh Boy, another lame attempt at a well worn topic.” WAS I WRONG!

We all drank from the fire hose. We indulged in innovation. And we all Tweeted! Yes, Tweeting our questions to the speakers instead of using a microphone. Here’s a bunch of middle aged business types (lots of younger ones too) that were gently nudged to send in their questions via Twitter. I’m sure that this technique has been used before, but for a bunch of us who really don’t get out much, this was like experiencing fire for the first time.

Hands on participation in innovation.

Speaker after speaker hammered us with this one message: Embrace technology or experience business death. That really made the point.

So as we all sloshed away to the after conference happy hour, I am sure we all were horses of a different color.

More to come on how Vistage changed our lives.

Horse drinking way too much water

Horses can be lead to water and drink it too.

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