What Group 181 Means

Group 181. One Degree Will Make The Difference.

What’s in a name? A lot. A name can tell a story. It can position a company. It can create intrigue. And best of all, it can lead to a smile.

When we launched Group 181, just after the Dot Com meltdown in 2001, we were faced with many competitors. The world had gone through a tremendous growth spurt. Especially in advertising. Clients and agencies were pushing at breakneck speeds to launch their brands and their products. The level of sophistication grew. And so did strategies.

Zig When Others Zag – But With If Everyone Is Following the Same Strategy?

Then you look for the nuances. The little things that can start to separate you from the pack. Great advertising relies on a unique approach. That’s still stands if the approach is small departure or a large one.

About This Video

We produced this video on GoAnimate. You can tell that the voices are computer generated. This online animation service is a wonderful new tool available at a very affordable cost. We always recommend that our clients invest in videos. For their websites and for their You Tube channels. Google gives extra SEO points for videos. And since Google owns You Tube, you can imagine that there are even more SEO benefits when you are found there.

Another Example Of Why We Are Called a Full Service Creative Agency

Many clients select us because, unlike other video animation companies, we offer a full service creative agency approach. That is a huge added value for our clients. When we come up with a campaign idea, you can rest assured that we are thinking of applying it in all avenues of communications.