Technology Advertising Campaigns

Group 181 knows how to speak “Cloud” technology. We were engaged by a group of IT companies to develop an launch campaign for a new type of cloud based service, which provided customers with a comprehensive IT solution combining hardware, software and IT support. This was one of the most exciting Technology Advertising Campaigns that we created, involving branding, advertising, direct mail, brochure development and website design.

Direct Mail Campaign

The pieces shown in this post are for a direct mail campaign. The strategy is designed to expose the potential customer to a different facet of the Fliite cloud service through a series of postcards that are based on the company name. All of the headlines incorporate a product benefit ending in “ity” which puts emphasis on the “it” of the brand name of Fliite. And of course, IT stands for information technology.

The Key To Choosing a Company Name – Legs

The choice of “Fliite” as the company / product name gave us all sorts of opportunities to reinforce the brand with diluting the name. This extendability is something that we call “legs.” The company name stimulate other ideas and seamlessly ties-in with other propositions in the campaign. As each layer of the brand is revealed to the customer, the depth of the solution is also exposed.